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We have over 30years of experience in making Tees for the best in the world. BESTEES is our effort to make fashion less complicated and building each Tee to last beyond a single season. Consistency in fit, fabric and quality guide this hands on approach to deliver an enduring and perfect Tee.

We make Tees that are durable, not disposable. High quality built to last and straight forward style that endures beyond trends. It is made to be worn and not end up as a rag after one wash.

Quality will stand out as our hallmark and we are confident to meet and exceed our customers expectation. Therefore, the product/style range has been kept restricted to a manageable number. This gives us a chance to focus on quality and our customers to experience it. Exchange and Return Policy underwrites our confidence and commitment to delivering quality BESTEES.

MADE IN PAKISTAN is an integral part of our brand identity. Keeping things local means sourcing the best design/fit/yarn/craftsmanship/selling terms, which we and our customer understand, instead of hiding behind fancy local / international brand names.

E-commerce is our selling platform / interface with our customers. Besides ensuring a direct communication with the customers, it also allows the wholesale and retail margins cost to be eliminated. The product reaches your doorstep conveniently at a price which is best value for money.

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